4 Things To Consider Before Getting Your Child An e-Scooter

Over the years, scooters have become a popular way to move to and from school, take a spin around the neighborhood, and more. The growing popularity has made electric scooters an ideal present to give to your friends or loved ones. 

In the modern era, it’s a common scene to see kids moving around with electric scooters or e-scooters. The motorized vehicle is something your kid will enjoy the most and won’t outgrow easily.

If you want to give your child an e-scooter, it can take time to choose the ideal type, considering there are many models to choose from. Choosing the wrong scooter will not only endanger your child but will also be a waste of money. For this reason, it’s important to ensure you conduct extensive research to guarantee you get the right electric scooter for your child. 

The following article discusses factors to consider before getting your kid an e-Scooter:

1. Age

It would help if you considered this before getting your child an e-Scooter. Each scooter is ideal for a different age bracket. Considering your child’s age will ensure you choose the right e-Scooter that is safe and easier to ride for them. It’s also important to consider the maximum load of the e-Scooter. It’s important to make sure that the scooter is suitable for your kid’s weight and height as this ensures they can balance and ride it more safely.

Additionally, it’s important to consider if your local area allows younger children to ride scooters on the road. Please make an effort to visit the local office and learn more about the regulations surrounding kids’ scooters.

2. Speed And Range

Speed and range are other factors you should consider before getting your child an e-Scooter. Know that scooters have different speed limits. For instance, an adult e-Scooter may have a top speed of about 25km/h with a higher range. This allows them to get about quickly and safely.

However, this is different with kids’ scooters. You should ensure the scooters has a slower top speed and lower ranges. You don’t want your kid to be moving around at a dangerous speed as this could compromise their safety. An e-Scooter with a lower range means the kid won’t get too far away from home without depleting the battery.

Besides, it’s important to consider the recharging time of the e-Scooter. Each model has a different recharging time and battery life. It’s important for your child to be aware of these limitations too, so they will be mindful of their usage.  

3. Safety Features

Safety should be your priority when getting your child an e-Scooter. Lack of safety features may increase the chances of an accident and injuring your child. Some safety features to look for in an e-Scooter include reflectors, headlights, bells, electric brakes, and more. These features make it easier and safer for the kid to ride the scooter both at night and daytime. 

Besides this, other features, such as wheel size, might affect the safety rating of an e-Scooter. For instance, a scooter with a wheel diameter of about 10 inches will offer more grip than a small wheel of about five inches.

Additionally, it’s important to consider the foot deck length and width. Getting a scooter with a big enough foot deck improves their riding experience and maintains the child’s balance, improving safety

4. Price

This is another factor to consider before getting your kid a scooter. Although an e-Scooter might add mobility to your kid’s life, getting good value for your money is also important. Scooters are available in different price ranges. The price may depend on maximum speed, safety rating, and more. 

However, this doesn’t mean by paying more; you’ll end up with a powerful e-Scooter for your kid. Some manufacturers might be sourcing their raw materials from overseas, and to make up for it, they have higher price ranges.

For this reason, it’s crucial to visit more than one vendor to understand the average price of e-Scooters in your locality. You might also want to check online stores as these could offer better deals. Additionally, please take your time to go through reviews and feedback from other parents.

Bottom Line

As discussed above, scooters have become an easy way to move around for both adults and kids. Although an e-Scooter is generally an exciting and useful gift for any kid, choosing a model that gives you the best value for money is still important.

Safety is another concern that you should have in mind when choosing an e-Scooter. So, before you go ahead and shop for one, take note of your child’s weight and height, and select models with moderate range speeds and tons of safety features.


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