3 Unforgettable Christmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas fast approaching it’s time to start thinking about all the magical things you’re going to do, all the wonderful people you get to see, and of course, all the totally amazing food you’re going to eat.

In addition to that, it’s a time when you get to see your kids at their happiest. While the art of gift giving comes naturally for some people, for some parents, it’s a little more challenging. If you happen to be one of those in the latter category, then this is the perfect place for you to be.

Christmas should be a time of fun filled wonder, not wondering what you’re going to purchase for those dearest to you.

We understand what you’re going through, with the amount of choice for children’s gifts now larger than ever you would have thought the process would become easier, but in fact it feels like just the opposite.

If you’re anything like us, then you likely want a gift that can engage your child while also informing and educating them in some way too. This is no easy feat, but rest assured there are gifts out there that fit the bill perfectly and we’re going to explore three of our favorite ideas for this Christmas.

The following are 3 unforgettable Christmas gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on any child’s face – and also ensure you can be confident you’ve successfully navigated another Christmas as a parent.

1. A Go Kart 

I remember bugging the heck out of my mum and dad back in the 80’s for one of these. And while go karts were cool back then, they weren’t anything like the pieces of kit that are around today. Now they come in a range of models including pedal-powered, electric and motorized go kart models, some of which can reach speeds of up to 15 mph! Of course, you can ensure your child doesn’t go that fast ever by dialling down the speedometer.      

The most versatile and well-made go karts for kids are suitable for both young and old, and the nature of this gifts means they are sure to get hours of use out of it.

One of the best parts is, you can even get 2 or 4 seater versions meaning your child can share the fun with a sibling, or if you’re lucky, you!

2. Ride-on Toys

While most ride-on cars and trucks aren’t quite the speed machines that go karts are, they can still be a lot of fun for the younger ones at home.

They come available either with or without a battery, which will of course, affect the top speed. If you’re planning on walking alongside it, we would definitely opt for the non-battery type.

Traditionally these things used to come in just a couple of designs. Nowadays you can get replica ride-ons for just about any vehicle you can think of. I’ve seen them for Hummers, Maserati’s, and even tractors. Just be aware that the more they look like the real thing, the more expensive they tend to be. 

3. A Camera

Cameras are great for kids of all ages. Not only do they help bring out the creativeness in kids, but they also provide a medium for capturing all those magic moments together.

Instant cameras can be a lot of fun as you can print out your image immediately. Just be aware that they don’t usually produce the best photos.

If you’re looking for something a little more accurate, then why not opt for a kids digital camera? With one of these, your child can capture (and store) a variety of photos, and then only print those that make the grade. Some will allow you to do online editing too, testing your child’s creativity and design skills even further.

We love this gift for a number of reasons. Not only will a camera keep your kid occupied for hours on end but it will also tap in to your child’s creativity. We know children are creative, they are looking at the world in a new way each and every day and giving them a gift of a camera will allow you to see the world from their point of view.

When buying a gift, it doesn’t have to be the most expensive thing in the store. It just needs to mean something to the person it’s intended for. So instead of focusing on the actual gift itself, think about the fun times you’ll share with others when given.


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