3 Skill Building Activities That Are Fun for the Whole Family

Studies show that American families spend as little as half an hour together weekly.

Finding activities for the family to enjoy together can feel overwhelming. One of the best options is to rely on skill-building activities to spend time together and master new skills.

But what fun games for the family will also teach skills? If you’re looking for a mix of family fun, logic-building activities, and learning experiences, we’re here to help.

Read on for three great activities for your family.

1. Escape Rooms

Over the last decade, the trend of escape rooms has expanded massively. But what are escape rooms, and why would they make a good family experience?

In an escape room, the participants are locked in a room full of puzzles. Participants must work together to solve the puzzles in the room and escape the maze. See this escape room website for an idea of the many options.

A timer is often active, which limits the family’s efforts. If the timer runs out before your family escapes, you’ve failed the escape room. Most companies are happy to let you try again, though solving the same puzzle multiple times may become tiresome.

Escape rooms are an excellent activity to teach your family problem-solving skills and cooperation. If you have children to whom you’re teaching responsibilities, consider having them be the “leader.” Doing so can teach them time, task management, delegation, and more.

2. Game Night

Want something based on problem-solving, but you’ve already solved the local escape rooms? A game night is the classic family fun game night activity.

Board games have evolved well past Monopoly and Candyland. You can find countless board games that will help your family build critical thinking and practical problem-solving.

Is your family hesitant at the idea of competing against each other? Many young children don’t like competition and may fail to understand the rules. Grown families can still become highly competitive, turning family fun into lighthearted arguments.

If your family prefers to avoid competition, consider some of the many cooperative board games. Some puzzle-based board games will task your family with finding a solution to a growing problem, allowing you to work together.

3. Cooking Night

Few skills are more valuable than cooking. Many families cook dinner together to bond and spend time with each other. Best of all, children raised cooking will have no issue cooking for themselves in adulthood.

Set a night aside to cook together. To tempt family members that may not want to join in, let them set the menu for that day’s dinner or lunch. That way, they’re taking part in something they’ll enjoy more while also having the support of a family helping them prepare their favorite meal.

Skill-Building for Family Fun

Skill-building as a family fun activity is a great way to educate your children while bonding with the family. Whether you prefer puzzling escape rooms or a night preparing dinner, there are countless activities to enjoy with your family.

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