20 most unproductive habits you should stop today

How do you become a more productive person both at work and in personal life? Given below are 20 habits that are shared by unproductive people. The key to being more productive is to stop these unproductive habits.

1. Talking on the phone for hours

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Time is more precious than money. When you pick up the phone and talk to your friend for hours together, you waste time and money. Usually, long talks on the phone involve gossiping, which is a toxic habit. So, if you want to be productive, stop using the phone for long time.

2. Getting up late in the morning

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Early risers always achieve more during the day, because they have a head start over the others. It is almost like they have extra hours for the day. Also, the morning hours are the most productive, and this is one reason many schools start their lessons as early as 7 am.

3. Eating out most of the days

Why is this unproductive? Because it wastes money, and spoils your health. Cooking at home will not take up much time, if you practice it daily.

4. Saying ‘yes’ to everyone and everything

If you want to be a productive, successful person, learn to say ‘no’. Do only those things that are of top priority for you. However, when you say ‘no’, do it politely.

5. Not organizing your desktop

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A cluttered desktop is the sign of a cluttered life. Having too many documents on your desktop slows down your computer, and makes it difficult for you to find a document when you want it.  Start organizing your desktop today, and save older documents in an external hard disk or pen drive.

6. Not organizing your home

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A cluttered home is also the sign of a cluttered mind. It is not difficult to organize your home. Find a place for each and every thing, and make sure you put things back in their place. Teach children to do so, right from a young age.

7. Buying on impulse

Never ever buy things on an impulse. Buy things only if they are absolutely necessary. If you can make do with what you have, do not buy more.

8. Being friends with toxic people

If there is something you should stay away from, that is toxic people. People who put you down, take advantage of you, and waste your time, should be cut away from your life. They make you unproductive.

9. Hurting people with words

Never ever hurt people with your words. Hurtful words are not forgotten. Learn to speak politely, and with consideration for others’ feelings.

10. Watching YouTube/television for long time

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This is one recipe for disaster and failure in life. Watching videos and television for a long time in the name of relaxation is an utter waste of time that does not help you in any way. If you want to relax, read a good book.

11. Chatting on WhatsApp for long time

Another big waste of time. Think of all the useful things you could do using the time wasted exchanging inanities on the smart phone.

12. Playing games on smartphone/tablet/iPad

You spoil your health and waste your time by playing games on gadgets. Use the time to connect with real people and talk to people.

13. Skipping breakfast

The meal that energizes you for the whole day should never be avoided. Have a hearty, filling meal before you begin the day’s tasks.

14. Being easily distracted

Do not be distracted away from work at hand. This happens mostly when a phone call comes, or when a friend drops by. If your work is important keep the call and the visit short, and get back to your work ASAP.

15. Being impatient

Impatience makes you a loser. Being patient is one virtue that will reward you in the long run. Most achievements in life happen when people stick around long enough, and do not quit.

16. Not spending money on useful things

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Do not be too stingy with money. If you have enough money to buy a new car, go ahead and buy it instead of spending huge amounts on repairing your old car every now and then. Spend money on children’s education, and your own betterment. Get a library subscription. Subscribe to good newspapers and magazines. Live in a good, comfortable house.

17. Always thinking of the past or the future

This is a huge time waste and unproductive habit. The key to productive life is to live in the present, and being mindful.

18. Blindly following others

You live your life just once. Follow your passion and dreams. Do not live your life for others. You are most productive when you do things that interest you, and ignite your spirit.

19. Being too dependent on others

If you are too dependent on others, you are putting others in charge of your life. The person who is most interested in you is yourself, not anybody else. Only you can do things best for yourself. Learn to be self-reliant and self-sufficient. Learn to do things on your own. Get a job and earn an income, however little it is. Be financially independent. Learn to drive a car, and do your own shopping. Learn to operate the computer and the smart phone, to use the ATM, and to manage your finances. Stand on your own two feet.

20. Employing domestic help

Even if you have kids, do not employ a maidservant, unless the kids are very small. Divide housework among the members of the family, and do tasks together. It improves the relationships among family members, saves the money that is to be paid to the maidservant, and teaches everyone in the family to be self-sufficient.


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