16 Delightful Drawing Games For Kids Of All Ages To Spark Their Creativity

Drawing games are fun, exciting and interesting when playing them. It entails the use of innovative thinking, imaginative ability, as well as creativity to deliver masterpieces. The reality is that the best way to develop your drawing skill involves consistent practice and drawing games provides a great opportunity to spark kids’ creativity. Here are 16 drawing games that we have taken out to discuss in order to give you the best choice. So, look out for the most suitable for you.

1. Teacher drawing game

Teachers and students are always good topics in painting and fine arts. On the occasion of Yearly Teachers’ Day, many schools hold drawing contests for teachers and students to show gratitude to the people’s teachers. These are also extremely meaningful gifts that students can give to their teachers. You can learn more ways to draw a teacher in Teachers Drawing.

2. Pictionary board game

This is a wonderful drawing game for kids for kids to play. It is an easy and simple guessing drawing game. It is a collaborative drawing game as a word or a sentence is drawn on the pad while the other person guesses what is being drawn. It enhances critical thinking and brain development.

3. Blind contour drawing

This is a game that involves drawing with the eyes focused on the subject or object being modeled. There is no looking at the paper or glancing at the drawing pad. This game is a humorous game and is fun when carried out by partners who focus on drawing each other or the objects displayed in front of them.

4. Alphabet landscape drawing game

This is a fun alphabet game in which the participants are told to add letters in sequential order to produce a landscape image. This game improves imaginative capability and logical reasoning. It isn’t an easy game but with hard work, interesting images can be created using the alphabets. Model examples can be used to get this kind of drawing right.

5. Scribble drawing game

This is an easy drawing game that allows players to draw carelessly and in a hurry. This drawing game can create a face, a castle, an animal and other images. It is a drawing game that can be done anywhere and at any time.

6. Draw rider

This is a game that presents the chance to draw tracks to be used for riding bikes to overcome all obstacles. Indeed, it is fun to create your own track and ensure you eliminate all the obstacles to get to the finishing line. 

7. Draw with closed eyes

This is a fun and challenging game that requires a lot of concentration to be able to draw something. With a paper and pencil and the eyes closed, kids can create something. It also deals with the use of imagination to get the image right. This is a game that should be done in pairs or groups to make it more fun. 

8. Monster drawing game

The monster drawing game is fun to engage in. It involves the use of a piece of paper cut into halves. The paper is folded into half over and over again. This is a collaborative or partnership game as the paper is unfolded and each person draws the parts of the monster such as the head, neck, body, eyes and so on. After the drawing of the monster is done, the paper is unfolded to see the full image of the monster.

9. Geometrees or geometries drawing game

Here is a game that will enable them to draw something unlike what is seen in their environment. Kids can draw geometrical shapes on their paper or sketchpad and use their imaginative thinking to recreate the figures into something that can be recognized such as trees, flowers, circles and other relatable images.

10. Copy me drawing game

This is a drawing game that makes use of gridlines to draw in figures or images of objects, animals or whatever interesting thing that is drawn on one side of the pad. There is a drawing that is attached to the grid line and kids can easily copy the drawing and recreate it. It is fun as kids try to replicate what is seen on the paper. It isn’t complicated scribbling but a simple one that kids of all ages will enjoy. 

11. Synchronized drawing game

Have you seen two people or partners try to draw a single image? Well, here is a game that involves two players repeating the same process. It is a game that entails symmetry and each player can copy what the other person does on the drawing pad or paper. 

12. Drawing emotions/expressions games

This is a drawing game that enables kids to draw emotions/expressions on faces. The faces are blank and kids have the opportunity to draw the emotions that are felt into those blank faces. This helps them to be in tune with their emotions and an expression outlet. Learning about diverse emotions and how they are expressed on people’s faces makes this drawing game simple and interesting to engage in. examples of emotions to draw are; anger, happiness, smiles etc. 

13. Simon says, draw!

This is an interesting game that is fun and full of laughter. It is a collaborative drawing game which can be done among friends, family and so on. The character is named, “Simon says, draw face, head, shapes, dots, lines, patterns etc.”. After the instruction is given, the kids draw the object spoken by Simon. 

14. Picture dictation drawing game

This game requires partners. The first partner thinks of an object to be drawn and describes it to the second partner to draw what is heard on paper. This is an imaginative thinking drawing game for kids to develop their listening skill.

15. Quick, draw game

This is a game that makes use of the neural network for doodling art. A drawing prompt is given with an attached timing to work with. It is an online drawing game that allows you to freely draw while the computer reveals the subject you are drawing. Sometimes, you have 20 minutes to draw something while your friend or someone else tries to tell what the image is all about. 

16. Connect the dots or boxes and dot drawing game

This is a drawing game that makes use of paper and pen to connect the dots on the paper to create an image. Moreso, you can draw straight lines between the boxes to create something worthwhile. 

Dearest kids’ artistes! In order to read this concluding part, you should have read the 16 games discussed in this post. Enjoy these drawing games and hone your artistic skills. 


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