15 Fun Ways to Develop Coping Skills for Children

Children go through the same emotions as adults. Yes, it might not be as complicated as yours, but they do feel angry, anxious, sad, scared, etc. and it is a parent’s job to help them overcome such negative emotions.

There is no coping skill that is less important than the others. Overall, they are all expected to help your child adapt quickly, no matter what problems he or she may encounter. This way, stress, anxiety, or any emotional turmoil that a problematic situation may subject them to won’t last long.

However, teaching your children these coping skills can become a big bore. One way to avoid this is by making the activities so fun that it easily draws your child’s attention and still helps him/her understand the importance of the skills.

Here are 15 of such fun ways:

1. Blowing Bubbles

Have a playdate with your child blowing bubbles when you notice they are pent up with negative emotions. This has been proven to be a positive technique when it comes to relieving stress.

They don’t know it, but this will teach them controlled breathing, which is a significant stress reliever, and even better, it is fun to do.

2. Painting

Kids find nothing more fun than playing with a mix of colors. This can be the go-to activity that your child favorites to relieve emotional stress.

Start by encouraging him/her to paint in colors in a preprinted drawing book. If he/she does take a liking to the activity, you can find more ways to make things a bit more complex so that they need to concentrate a lot more, thus, creating a fun diversion for them when they face difficult situations.

3. Finger Crochet

Crocheting requires focus, which makes it an excellent diversion for your child. Are you an expert at this yourself? Teach your child to turn to this during difficult times.

Charge him/her to make anything of their choice. What could be more fun than creating “colorful?”

4. Cooking

Children love food and almost expectedly, cooking. To make this activity a way for your child to learn coping skills, start by letting him or her help you in the kitchen.

From that, let them make fun foods of their choices with your guidance; the list is endless. The primary focus is that creating such new things will distract them from the problematic situation.

5. Doodling

Doodling can be a fun activity for your child to do to relieve stress. There is nothing more soothing than just drawing intricate lines and shapes to create a bigger picture.

6. Create a stress toy with playdough

Again, your child needs you for this activity. Together, create a stress ball out of playdough. This is also a great time to listen to them talk about their day or whatever problem they have encountered.

7. Taking them out to enjoy nature

Do you sense that your child is angry, sad, or just somewhat withdrawn? It might be time to take him/her on a walk to enjoy the sights and smells of nature.

It can be as purposeful as a hike or camping trip or as simple as a stroll to the park. Either way, it is sure to help them relax.

8. Breathing Exercises

A few slow, deep breaths can help kids relax their minds and their bodies. One way to teach kids to do this is instructing that they try to “smell the pizza” – or any of their favorite foods.
Instruct that they breathe in through the nose like they’re smelling the food then, tell them to blow on it to cool it down. Doing this several times will help them relax.

9. Reading

Encourage your child to read books when they face a difficult situation. This is not precisely because they will find a solution in the book; instead, it serves as a diversion.

Even better, after reading, they will be rejuvenated and able to think more positively.

10. Playing a Game

If you find that your child can’t seem to get over a bad thing that may have happened at school or with a friend, encourage him/her to play a game.

Again, this will create a distraction and help them face the situation more positively afterward.

11. Watching a funny video

Laughing is a great way to relieve stress and generate positivity. When your kid is feeling sad, a funny animal or cartoon video will lighten their mood and even help them open up to you.

12. Yoga

Yoga is a source of relaxation. If you already do yoga, let your kids join in, and if otherwise, find a simple regime you can learn together. This not only relieves stress; it boosts the mood and helps your child be more confident.

13. Playing music

This can be a relaxing activity for you and your child. It also paves the way for them to open up about whatever might be bothering them.

This also includes letting him/her learn a new music instrument.

14. Create a calm down kit

Get a box and fill it with your child’s favorite things. It could be a drawing book, a paintbrush, a stress ball, etc.; just make sure that it soothes him/her.

Next time he/she encounters a difficult situation, get down the box.

15. Engage in a mood booster

Together with your child, compile a list of the things he likes to do when he’s happy, e.g., a dance, sing, play with friends, swim, etc. These are the mood boosters, so when next he’s feeling sad, encourage him to do something on the mood booster list.

In conclusion, it is essential to note that every child is different and what works for one child may not for another. So, study your child, listen, and modify learning life coping skills that best fits his/her personality.

Also, praise your child when he accomplishes something new while doing these activities, and when he makes a mistake, use it as a teaching opportunity.

Cheers to parenting the new generation!

Cheryl Hearts is a passionate journalist from Boston, Massachusetts. She decided to dedicate her life to writing because she thinks this way she can be the most useful for the community. After obtaining a Master’s degree in Journalism, Cheryl started running her own blog where she’s covering topics of great interest to society.


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