10 Ways To Still Celebrate Graduation With Friends and Family

After years of effort and hard work, you are finally there. All the late nights, the eye-straining reading sessions have paid off. It is your graduation day!

Graduating is quite a milestone, a moment which won’t come back. Your friends and family have also played a significant role in your journey, celebrating without them would be just so defective. It is obvious to expect a fabulous event to celebrate all your achievements. But if you are from a graduating batch; you might be going through a lot of dismay.

Due to the mandating of social distance, typical ceremonies today are out of the question. With the immense restrictions put on social gatherings in the past, we all are stuck with limiting people and sometimes can’t even host an event just because it’s no fun celebrating without your friends and family.

But, hold on; do not let your enthusiasm down! As it is widely said, “Something is always better than nothing”. Like we all have come up with alternatives every now and then in the past two years; let’s continue to do so, and not let graduation day collapse.

Here are a few ways to celebrate Graduation:

1. Organize a Virtual Party

A major aspect of graduation parties, without which it would be entirely unfulfilled, is meeting and enjoying with friends and family. Thanks to technology, you can still connect with people through social media. Virtual definitely cannot replace the real, but it can be made just as fun! In the end, it is the people who make the party a blast, the medium doesn’t really matter. One huge advantage that virtual gathering offers is, even the far-off or distant relatives/friends can be an active part of it.

2. Involve a Celebrity

It cannot be stressed enough how much we idolize and desire to hear from our favourite celebrities. Can you imagine how amusing it would be to have Chris Evans, Zendaya, Daniel Radcliff, Emma Watson, Tom Holland or any of your favourite celebrities, say a few words at the start of your graduation ceremony? This is something traditional parties can’t really incorporate. Digital facilities however know no bounds. You can actually connect with a celebrity and request them to send a video of a few minutes which can be played at the beginning. You can even edit and create cameos, which feel very real.

3. Create a Video Gift

It is very underrated how much people value and crave appreciation. Designing a video with small messages from everyone the individual loves and admires can be a real treat for the graduand. It is something the graduand can actually preserve for a lifetime, and rewatch when old, to reminisce about the beautiful time.

Fabricating a video can be very difficult, it will require you to contact people, follow up, install applications, edit etc. Fret not, you can use a video guestbook tool for the same. It allows you to compile the videos most effectively, rendering you with a professional video.

4. Get a Graduating Robe

There is nothing better than a graduating robe that will let you experience the true essence of being graduated. Get yourself the robe and cap, and capture pictures.

5. Scavenger Hunt

If you are throwing a graduation party at home, you can arrange a fun scavenger hunt. Hide the belongings of the graduand, which someway remind them of their journey through the years chronologically. Add in clues to make it more engaging.

6. Bring in a Big Screen

Watching a movie never goes out of style. Set up the vibe of the yard, add fairy lights, get a projector for a big screen experience and connect with your family and friends online to watch a movie.

7. Order from your Favourite Place

There is nothing that can go wrong with food! Order your favourite meal, set up a themed dinner, add candles, make it aesthetic, and play some light music in the background.

8. Bake a Sweet Treat

A dessert makes everything complete. Every traditional graduation party serves desserts. If you are at home, you could bake one! Choose a flavour and get to work! Baking is gratifying in its own sense, and when you consume the dessert, the joy will be unmatched.

9. Champagne

A popping bottle of champagne strikes before the eyes, right when you think of a grand celebration. Having champagne wouldn’t really be possible at a traditional party, but you sure can uncork a bottle at home!

10. Initiate a Letter Chain

An innovative and absolute fun way to celebrate graduation is by writing letters! Write an enthralling and wholesome letter to a friend of yours and ask them to write it to the other. Get everyone to participate in this to have a wondrous experience.

There is no point in sitting disheartened. Leave no stone unturned to celebrate your graduation. Graduating is quite an achievement, therefore, don’t let anything ruin it and give it the honour that it deserves.


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