10 Most Common Problems of Sewer Lines in Old Neighborhoods

Even though older neighborhoods look beautiful from the outside, they occasionally have a sewer line problem. A system that hasn’t been adequately maintained might need an emergency plumber. All plumbing systems, including pipes, drains, water heaters, and all other parts connected to these systems, need to go through routine inspections.

This article will help you understand the most common plumbing issues found in old neighborhoods.

Sewage backups and blockages

The lowest open drain is typically where sanitary sewer backups happen. A clog along the line is often what causes a sewage backup. Since all drains rely on the main sewer line to drain properly, if you consistently have a backup whenever you flush or pour water down your sink or bathtub drain, the issue is probably in your main sewer line. However, if backups are restricted to a single drain, your issue is probably limited to that drain.

If you frequently encounter backups or blockages, even after having the pipes cleaned, you may have an underlying problem caused by tree roots inviting the pipes, channeling cracks allowing the soil to enter, or an improperly connected pipe. Sewer line replacement companies in Austin, Buda, Round Rock, etc; can help people identify the problem and help you fix it. Moreover, you get advice from professionals on what you can do to avoid similar problems in the future.

Sewer gas odor

If you can smell sewer gas inside or outside of your home or building, there is probably a crack in your sewer system. The only exception to the rule that a sanitary sewer must be airtight everywhere are vent stacks on your roof, which allow sewage to flow downhill. This means you should never smell sewer stench unless there is a crack or opening in your sanitary sewer lines.

Mold problem

Mold development could indicate a break in your sewer lines hidden behind your walls, in addition to sewer stink. Some molds can begin to develop at a humidity level as low as 55%. Given that, a broken sewer pipe hidden behind a wall may raise the humidity to a level where mold growth is likely to start. You most likely have a break in your sewage drain pipes if mold growth and sewer odor are present in your home.

Slow drain

If a drain is running slowly, a clog may form and eventually cause a sewage backup. Even if you’ve tried to clean the line, your toilet, bathtub, or sink may still be draining slowly because of the previously stated cracks, channeling, or tree roots.

If a drain is slow or clogged, avoid using chemical drain cleaners to clear it. The cast iron and/or PVC in the pipe will corrode as long as the chemicals are allowed to remain there.

Extra green and lush patches of grass

If you notice a very lush and green area of grass in your yard, there may be a sewage leak beneath. Leakage from your main line into the surrounding soil will provide the grass there with more nutrients, resulting in a lush and extra green appearance because sewage functions as a fertilizer for vegetation.

Indentation in the lawn or under pavers

An indentation in your yard or beneath bricks is another sign of a broken sewer line. The soil may disperse due to a damaged sewer main line that is continuously soaking the ground. This could result in your lawn developing a dip or indentation above the location of your sewage main line.

Foundation cracks, settlement, and sinkholes

Foundation problems include cracks in your foundation slab, foundation settlement, and occasionally sinkholes, which are more severe signs of sewer pipe damage.

A void could form under the foundation or in the yard if the main line that runs under your slab develops a leak and is left unattended for a long time. This could result in foundation issues like foundation cracks, settlement of your home or building, or even a sinkhole.

A broken and leaky main sewer line may be a contributing factor in any of the aforementioned foundation-related issues if your house or building is not on pilings. Therefore you should contact a sewer line repair company immediately.

Septic waste pools in the yard

Septic waste building up in your yard is a clear indication that you may have a broken sewage system. A fractured main line, a clogged drain field, or a malfunctioning septic tank could all be the problem. The trouble spot is frequently found just beneath the sewer water pool.

Rat problem

A rat problem could indicate a problem with your sewer system. Rats can access the pipes running behind your walls from the city main line tie-in since they dwell in sewers. A rat can enter your sanitary sewer through a gap the size of a quarter (or roughly 3/4 inch) and seek food.

Numerous deadly diseases, including the plague and hemorrhagic fever, are spread by rats. Being bitten by an infected rat or merely breathing dust that has been polluted with rat urine or droppings can spread certain diseases.

Insect infestation

A damaged sewer line may potentially appear as an insect infestation. Rats have a far harder time going through sanitary sewer cracks into your home than insects like cockroaches, palmetto bugs, and sewer flies.

Because some proteins (referred to as allergens) are present in cockroach excrement, saliva, and body parts and can cause allergic reactions or exacerbate asthma symptoms, particularly in youngsters, cockroaches have many detrimental effects on human health.

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Your sewer line may be damaged by tree roots, incursions, fractures, channeling, or misaligned connections. Therefore, you must not let the plumbing break down at that point. Your repair costs for proactive maintenance and repairs will be far lower than those for a failing sewer line. Moreover, if you have problems with sewer lines, contact professionals and get advice from them on how to avoid future problems.


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