10 Benefits of Data Digitization Outsourcing

On average, 3% of a company’s revenue is spent on paper, printing, filing, storage & maintenance. Surely your organization too would be stockpiling thousands of records. And the papers always stack up fast, taking up a lot of space. Stacks eventually turn into files, files turn into file cabinets and that escalates into rooms, floors & warehouses.

That’s why industries must choose Data Digitization. It is the first step to beginning the journey toward digital transformation. Conducting data digitization in-house is an expensive option. However, outsourcing it to a reliable data entry services outsourcing company can save time, money, resources, and more importantly frustration. While employees instantly agree, leaders need logic to understand why they must do so. Let us tell you how outsourcing digitization benefits your business.

Improved Productivity

An employee spends 12 minutes (or probably more) looking for an important document he needs. Searching for documentation every time wastes a lot of time for the team and slows them down. Digitization reduces the process to a few seconds or less by allowing quick sharing, collaboration, access & transfer of the data across devices, locations & time zones. Thus the turnaround time reduces while giving a boost to productivity.


Printing & paperwork costs more than you think. It involves sub-costs such as technology control & management, maintenance of paper records, and price of the infrastructure. Outsourcing data digitization with a reputed outsourcing partner will help you cut down the costs to 60%, letting you invest in profit-generating verticals. Businesses that invest in data entry outsourcing save a considerable amount of printing, transport, and labour prices.

Easy Access Anytime

Digitization enables a system that lets you access digitized papers easily from any location across any device. Easy data transfer improves collaboration, enables quick data analysis that unlocks numerous opportunities.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR methodology combines hardware (optical scanner or specialized circuit board) and software (OCR programs) for the proper & accurate data indexing. OCR facilitates easy search and access of the data.

Data Labeling, Categorization & Indexing

Digitization lets you carefully label, arrange, categorize & index all your documents in their respective folders. Thus making the access & sharing much easier. Well-arranged documents improve search results.

Better Security

Business files carry a lot of sensitive information. Such files are often kept in file cabinets believing that, they are safe. On the contrary, files are open for anyone to access and go through. The firm ends up facing loss if the data gets into the wrong hands. Digitized documents remain secured in the server or a folder, in the format of your choice. Outsourcing with a data entry services provider will ensure restricted access to sensitive documents. Password-protected records can only be retrieved by authorized personnel. Thus the security and confidentiality of the paperwork remain exactly as you deserve.

Documents Preservation

Physical documents are prone to decay. They deteriorate a little more every time they are handled manually. Plus a calamity such as fire, flood, earthquake, burst pipes, structural collapse, or theft can occur at any time & rob you of your precious data, which can cause a huge loss to the organization. Digitization enables a secure digital backup that lets you retrieve precious documents with a simple click. So the data remains safe irrespective of the circumstances.


As said earlier, it doesn’t take long before a file cabinet turning into data warehouse. Preservation of the physical files demand additional space and let’s face it, renting additional office space is no cheap. Huge offices come with even exorbitant prices. Digitization removes this hurdle for you. Digital files can be saved in a digital storage and even carried around in a pen-drive. Digitization provides more space, rent reduction, and reduction in document storage costs. Thus helping you save up a lot.

Stay Ahead Of the Others in the Competition

Digitization is a boon for multinationals and start-ups alike. Document digitization provides perfect document management that reduces costs, enables efficient workflows, smooth business operations, and satisfied clients.

Environment Friendly

On average, an employee uses 10,000 sheets of paper a year. That’s a lot of wastage especially when the same data can be securely, and more efficiently get stored digitally. Going digital is an environment-friendly initiative. Plus it saves you from creating multiple backup copies, and unnecessary printing while also raising the eco-friendly quotient of your company.

Outsourcing with a reputed data entry outsourcing company is a cost-effective & smart option. Outsourcing saves you from investing in team, technology & infrastructure. It provides you access to a team that’s skilled, experienced, and well-versed in almost every field to look after any of your data digitization needs. The tasks that can be time-consuming and monotonous for the in-house team are quite effortless for data professionals. A reliable data entry outsourcing firm will ensure the best quality, prices, security, and 99% accuracy within a quick turnaround. Plus you gain quick data access, better productivity, better decision making, enhanced data security, higher mobility, agility, and disaster recovery.

Digitization is a choice you wouldn’t regret. Partner with a data digitization firm today to experience the difference yourself.

Author Bio: Kelly Anderson is the customer success manager for eDataMine, a renowned data management firm, recognized for providing the best quality customized solutions at affordable rates. Kelly provides valuable insights concerning data digitization services to boost the business growth of a global clientele.


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