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Quotes for Kids

Man speaking
Your Life
What happens to you forms part of 10 percent of your life – How you react it makes 90 percent of your life. Good or Bad? Joy or Sorrow? Success or Failure? It is how you perceive.

Kid thinking
How to Think?
Teach your children how to think and not about what to think!!

Helping Poor
Make a Life
We all make a living by our earnings, what we get. But we can make a life only by what we give!!

Ship sail
Where you Sail
If you don’t know where you sail, even the wind can’t help you!

Don’t seek greatness – seek truth, seek love, and seek kindness, - you will find all.

Boy observing
Understand everything
There is no nightmare in the life to have fear. The fear is the outcome of lack of understanding or detest. Understand everything to win the world!

Puppy Licking Boy
What is Love?
I asked a kid, WHAT IS LOVE?

With a beautiful smile, she replied, love is when the puppy licks you!!

I laughed loudly. But before I asked my next question, she added, ‘even if you leave the puppy alone for a long time.’


Man with success
Failure and Success
Failure is a temporary state, rather a first step to success. Giving up makes it a permanent state, like carvings on a stone! Don’t give up!

Make me Understand
Don’t make me read, make me understand – This is what every child needs!

Children are Great Imitators
Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.

Can you solve a problem? Then there is no need to worry about it.
Can’t you solve a problem? Then there is no use of worrying about it.

Learn from Mistakes
Learn from Mistakes
"I Have Not Failed. I found 10000 ways that won’t show results" – THOMAS ALWA EDISON
Every mistake has something to learn. Let us learn from our mistakes and not repeat the same.

Nothing is Impossible
Nothing is Impossible
Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE in the world. Yes, the word says I’M POSSIBLE.

working kid
You are never given a wish without the power to make it come true. A mere dream or wish never reaps. You may have to work for it.

Smiling Kid
Most smiles are the outcome of another smile.
Smile, the beautiful curve in the face makes you more beautiful and others happier. :)

Kindness in Kids
Forgiveness and Kindness is the greatest wisdom - Learn it from your kids.

Today's child
"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow. Yet we forget that he is someone today."

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