Fun Games to Play with Kids – Outdoor, Indoor and Online

Boy Playing Indoor GameWhether your kid is under the guidance of nursery teachers or still at home preparing to join the kindergarten, it is important to keep them active by indulging into games, be it indoor, outdoor or online since there are many games as Overwatch and CSGO, that you can even get help for it in sites that offer boosting CS:GO and other services. Continue reading

5 ways to deal with emergency situations when you are raising a young family

5 ways to deal with emergency situations when you are raising a young familyRaising a young family can be an extremely stressful experience, and this is especially true when you find yourself in an emergency situation. If you are the only adult present, you may find that everyone turns to you for instruction. Continue reading

Easy ways parents can ensure kids get good sleep

By Jenna Jamieson

A parent’s job is the most exhausting. There are no vacations, there is no salary (except your toddler’s sloppy kisses and watching them grow into amazing people), and often, it feels like you’re way too deep into stuff you have no idea about. But whether it be getting your child to explore their talents without coming off as too pushy, or getting them habituated to reading without being a stern parent, the end result is watching your kid become their own person with their own ideas and unique identity.

child parenting
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