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Fun Family Functions To Bind The Family Stronger

Fun Family Function

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“Family that has fun together stays together”— this is a phrase which is the truest of all. It is always seen that family who goes out and have fun or hang out together often for functions stay together for a longer time. Continue reading

17 Easy & Creative Kids Friendly Living Room Decorating Ideas

17 Easy & Creative Kids Friendly Living Room Decorating IdeasLiving room is the space where your family spends most of their time. That’s where your guests are invited too. One of the most daunting challenges when it comes to home styling is decorating your living room in a kids friendly mannerContinue reading

4 Tips to Refine Homeschooling Education

How to Improve HomeschoolingThere are about 3.5 million kids currently homeschooled in the US, and the number is constantly growing. This is a rough estimate done by Brian Ray – a professional researcher who specializes in homeschooling. Continue reading