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6 Smart Tactics of Teaching Child to Read Quickly and Effectively

Smart Tactics of Teaching Child to Read Quickly and EffectivelyAs a parent you want your child to learn the habit of reading early in life. Most of the children begin to read when they turn to 6 years of age. If you are exploring the ways of teaching children to read effectively in the formative years, given here are certain strategies which will help you for sure. Continue reading

The ‘New Normal’ for Kids Is Incredible Technology

The ‘New Normal’ for Kids Is Incredible TechnologyTo say that your kids’ technology is different from what you grew up with is probably the understatement of the century. Depending on your age, you may remember renting giant suitcases holding a VCR so you could watch rented movies on VHS tapes. Continue reading

Show your love by writing a letter to your child

Show your love by writing a letter to your childIf you are a dad or mom surely you must wonder how your child would be twenty years from now. What he/she would be doing, where they would be, whether they would remember you and so on? The best way to be in touch with your child and to be a part of their lives forever is by writing a letter to your child. Continue reading

Tips for Helping an Abandoned Child Cope and Thrive

Abandoned ChildChild abandonment is a sad reality that our world and nation faces. It is difficult for an abandoned child to forget this wound. Parents are usually the first ones to inscribe good or bad lessons on the fresh slate of a child’s mind. Continue reading

7 Useful Tips to Take Care of Small Pets | Animal Care Advice

Animal Care AdviceThe entire home becomes lively when there is a small pet at home. If you love to have a pet and ready to take a proper care of it, follow these tips for the care of small pets that would help you handle your loving pet in a better way. Here is a quick look. Continue reading