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Quiz Contest

A $100 cash prize
is paid to the person who submits the first correct answer, and anyone (worldwide) can participate. Be clever and be quick, as you can win the money for being the best student in your class, or the smartest member of your family!

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What does exiguous mean?

A) Burdensome, inconvenient
B) Cruel, spiteful
C) Small, scanty
D) Unbelievable, absurd

Send the correct answer with your mailing address to [email protected]. Contest winner will be notified via email, and the prize mailed to the winner's address.

Quiz Contest Rules

  • Send us your answer by email. Include your complete mailing address zip/postal code.
  • To win, your answer must be spelled correctly.
  • Only one answer per person or email address per day. Only one win per person or email address per calendar month.
  • First correct answer received is the winner. We use embedded email times when we received mulitple correct answers.
  • Contest winner will be notified via email, and the prize mailed to the winner's address. Only the winner will be notified. Your email address and mailing address will not be used for any other purpose.
  • After receiving the correct answer, that quiz will be ended and a new quiz will then be posted.


Previous Quiz Winner

Krishna Iyer, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore-560029.


The birth of plywood

When was plywood invented?

A) 3500 BC
B) 200 AD
C) 675 AD
D) 1835 AD

Answer: 3500 BC
Plywood today consists of layers of veneer glued together in such a way that the grain in adjacent layers is mutually perpendicular, which confers additional strength. The ancient Egyptians crafted objects from such laminates nearly 6,000 years ago.



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