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Inspirational Short Stories With Morals For Kids

Monster Momo

Welcome to bed time stories for children. Read our interesting collections of stories for children. Now, look at the story, ‘Monster Momo!’
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Monkey and Crocodile
The Monkey and the Crocodile

This is one of the simple short stories for kids that come with a moral. Don’t try to cheat others, you will lose everything.
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Boy Cycling
The Bicycle

One deserves from another for their wellness – The Bicycle. Read the inspirational stories for kids.
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Sad Girl
A Magic Pot and Flooding Porridge

Fairy tales for kids - Kids love fantasy and fairy tales, even the elders. Let us begin fun and fantasy. The magic pot and flooding porridge!
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Sad Boy
Lazy Jack

Lazy jack is a funny story of a lazy boy! However, here comes a twist in the story at the end. Read more interesting and funny stories for kids here.
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Girl with Grandmother
Neya and Her Dream

Cooking is a relaxing activity. Cooking games are loved by many. Cooking Mama is a popular series of video games for children.
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