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Toys and Games for Kids

The King of Laddoos Board Game – MadRat GamesThe King of Laddoos Board Game

The buzz is all about Chota Bheem, the fictional character and the super hero of the kids in the current generation. Why not involve your kids in some fun play with Chota Bheem?

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my-toy-factoy game reviewMy Toy Factory Trainee Kit Board Game

MadRat Games, a popular name in the world of children games has an interesting board game for children! This board game will keep your kids occupied for a considerable amount of time in a useful way.

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My Toy Factory Trainee Kit Board Game – MadRat GamesFUNSKOOL Game of Games - Board Game

This is a set of 14 different games, comes together, packed as a single game, and named Game of Games!

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science-based-toy-making-kit-game-reviewMy Toy Factory - A Science Based Toy Making Kit

My Toy Factory, claimed as a science based toy making kit is a kids-friendly DIY set. Suitable for kids in the age group of 8 to 14 years, My Toy Factory is a game of creativity.

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Bheem Team Board Game Bheem Team Board Game

Bheem Team Board Game is inspired by the super hero series Chhota Bheem. This board game has all important characters of Chhota Bheem, which will be loved by the children.

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Let’s Shop Board GameLet's Shop Board Game

Let’s shop girls! As the name indicates, this would be an exclusive board game for Girls. MadRat designed a beautiful board game with shopping as a theme combined with learning new things.

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