Teacher discourages my child

My child, aged 8 years, has the complaint that her teacher does not appreciate her. Even if she does a good job at answering questions, the teacher does not say 'well done' etc, whereas she does that to other kids. My daughter feels very bad about this, and feels that the teacher has something against her. What can I do?


  • Hi Thomas, it is an unfortunate fact that some teachers do this. Often it is unintentional and the teacher does not realise it. What you can do I think is tell your daughter to ask your teacher with a sweet smile, 'teacher, is my work really nice?' in case of a project or something. I think no teacher can resist from giving a genuine reply to that kind of a question from a child.
    I think you can also build up a personal relationship with the teacher. Teachers are human, and they will give special attention to your child if you have a personal relationship with the teacher. Just what I feel.
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