Lack of attention in kids

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A lot of kids nowadays cannot pay attention to anything for more than a couple of minutes. What could be a remedy for this?


  • I think the main problems here are 1) parents not spending enough time talking to kids, and doing activities with them. Too much of video games and television as well as smartphone use is another culprit. The child should be seen by a psychologist to rule out Attention Deficit Hyperactivity syndrome, which can make kids unfocused and hyperactive. There are medicines for such a condition. But if there is no problem with the child, the parents just need to spend more time talking to him/her and doing things that interest them. Most important is to build a deep bond with the kids.
  • Thank you Leone. That brings some clarity to me. My child does not have ADHD. The psychologist said he is perfectly fine. However, according to his class teacher, he is not able to pay attention in class. As you say, perhaps I should spend more time with him doing things that interest him.
  • I agree with Leone. One more thing you could check out is whether he is bored in class. Some children who are too intelligent and are gifted, can get really bored in class and try to do other things. On the other hand, there is the possibility that he is below the level of the class also, so he does not understand what is going on in class, which could be the reason he is amusing himself with other things.
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